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 The next time you’re thinking of scheduling a party, bridal shower, company outing, etc… consider the unique location of The Dove Mountain Brewing Co.  We have four great spaces available for rent ANY day of the week. Contact us and we will work with you to make sure your gathering brings you and your guests loads of cheerful memories.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below!



Which spaces can I rent?

We have four special spaces throughout the brewpub that are available for private event rental: The West Patio, Back Room, Taproom & South Patio.  If you are interested in renting the entire brewpub space, please contact us to discuss further details.


Is there a Room Rental Fee?

We do not have a room rental fee.  We do have food and beverage minimums in place in order for the use of the spaces.  If you do not meet the minimum, a room rental will be charged to the final invoice for the difference. Please inquire with details of your event to get pricing.


How many people do the spaces accommodate?

Each of the four spaces listed above, accommodate 30-40 guests.


How long do I have the space for?

You will have the space for up to 3 hours to accommodate your event.  If you would like to add additional time (assuming the space is available), there would be an additional $100 per hour add-on to the food & beverage minimum.


Can I rent more than one space if my party is larger than 40 guests?

Yes, you may rent more than one space as long as they are contiguous with each other. Cost would remain the same for the rental of each space.


Is a deposit required to hold the space?

Yes, we require a deposit of $250 in order to hold the space for your event time.  The deposit is deducted from your final invoice at the conclusion on your event.


What if I need to cancel my event?

If you cancel your event within 10 days of the event date, we will refund the $250 rental deposit.  However, if you cancel less than 10 days before the event, the rental deposit is non-refundable.


Is gratuity added to the total?

Yes, an 18% suggested gratuity is added on your final invoice to take care of the employee(s) working your event.


Can I rent a space without food & drink?

Yes you can, however, you may only do this Monday – Thursday BEFORE 2pm.  The rental fee would be $200 for the 3 hours.


Are plated options available?

Most events choose from our buffet-style platters; however, we can do a plated dinner if your event has 40 guests or less.  Chef Erik will offer select plated options for you to choose from prior the event. You may also do a combination of the buffet platters as appetizers and the plated dinner for the main meal.


Can my guests just order off the restaurant menu?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guests in our private events ordering individually off of the restaurant food menu.  This prevents us from giving your guests and our restaurant guests the best service possible.  They will be, however, allowed to order drinks.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

You cannot bring your own alcohol according to Arizona liquor laws.  We have a full liquor license and can completely customize the drink service to your liking.  We have the ability to bring in special requests with prior notice.


Can I bring in my own decorations? 

Sure!  Just be sure to include this set-up time in the 3-hour window allotted to you for your space.  For example, if you have rented the space from 3pm – 6pm, make the “set-up” time from 3 – 3:30pm.  Then, have your guests arrive at 3:30pm for the event.  You are welcome to bring anything special as long as no permanent marks or damage is done.  Glitter, sand and confetti will incur a $100 clean-up fee.

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